International Women’s Day, celebrated every March 8 was also observed by the women members of Savings and Credit Groups (GEC) of Yobo area in the prefecture of Zio under the sign of economic empowerment. These have organized on this occasion with the support of Inades-Formation Togo awareness activities in their communities, hosted a show on local radio and closed events with a ceremony bringing together more people from diverse backgrounds.

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Parade of women

For seven years now, women members of the GEC accompanied by lnades-Formation Togo for improving socio-economic conditions of vulnerable households through its project to promote savings and credit groups celebrate the day March 08 .

This is an opportunity for them to come together and take stock of activities in order to give a new goal. This year it is around the national theme “Economic Empowerment of women is progress for all people” that they decided to get together to celebrate the woman for three days.

Women GEC animate awareness activities in villages on the theme.

All agreeing that the theme of this year’s celebration of Women in Togo between straight with their activities in the GEC, women have facilitated outreach activities in the villages of the area through debates talks.

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Discussion and debate led by GEC’s women

They have over the activities made it clear to the people and especially women, need a woman to be independent these days. They also demonstrated through examples of how women being independent economically contribute to the development of their household, their environment and their community. Women also sought the support of men without which this progress for everyone would be an illusion. They did not forget to mention with joy their membership of the GEC, a tool promoted by INADES Togo which contributes greatly to the resolution of several problems within their households and communities. The women took the opportunity to invite their counterparts from other villages to integrate GEC to benefit their economic and social development.

Outside activities, women led a live broadcast on a local radio station in the same day March 08. This media release was for them one more way to make visible, promote the GEC and address a large number of people. They essentially through this passage on the radio say they belong to the GEC and wish that all women of the area adhere to the GEC.

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The authorities involved in the ceremony

All these activities were concluded by a grand ceremony Wednesday, March 12 marked by the presence of local and administrative authorities and several guests who enjoyed the testimonies of women on the benefits of savings groups in households the lives of GEC. It was also an opportunity to officially present the five (5) local volunteers introduced to the methodology AVE & C that promote the GEC in the area. The promotion of culture was also on the program of events through the folk and traditional dance of the medium.

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Folk dance performance








A women’s football match to end protests in beauty

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Women’s Soccer Team

To give another color to the ambience and end all in beauty events marking the celebration of the day of 08 March, a women’s football match pitted the women members of the GEC in Yobo area.

More information: Inades-Formation Togo is working to improve socio-economic conditions of vulnerable households through its project to promote savings and credit groups. This project, which mainly affects women in a rural environment also focuses on strengthening women’s leadership. The celebration of International Women’s Day is an opportunity for the GEC to make visible their activities and conduct advocacy on issues of concern to women in their communities
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The Solidarity Fund for Development (FONSDEV) is a model of mobilization of financial resources by farmers and peasants developed by Inades Training.

Small farmers who form the great majority of the population in developing countries (70% on average) do not have access to traditional banks that require a lot of paperwork and numerous guarantees the necessary financial resources to support and diversify development projects. Very few modern structures give them the necessary funds to buy the means of production. Therefore, he had to help put in place, durable instruments of self-financing of rural development as the FONSDEV

The Development Solidarity Fund (FONSDEV) is a social institution, established by natural and legal persons of a community, mobilizing endogenous financial resources in the form of members’ savings and redistribute the form of micro credits for development activities and other social needs of this community.

The FONDEV is the passage of a rich bank to a bank for the poor; luxurious buildings of major cities in village squares; from a purely economic reasoning to a social reasoning.

As the name suggests, the FONSDEV instrument of financial solidarity, emphasizes solidarity between farmers with the aim of reaching the poorest and the autonomy and responsibility of its members.

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Fonsdev bouro

After a long process that began in 2010 with the feasibility study carried out by Inades-Formation / Burkina, the people of the Bouro area launched their solidarity and development fund (Fonsdev) on 27 April 2013.

The launch ceremony recorded a donation from the sponsor, Mr Adama Kindo, in the amount of 300,000 FCFA. In turn, the guests, staff of Inades-Formation, the inhabitants of the zone have let their heart speak by subscribing for an amount of 400 000 FCFA. The launch of the Fonsdev de Bouro is the sixth of the kind that Inades-Formation / Burkina has accompanied the farmers to set up. It intervenes after those of the fonsdev of Passakongo, Soukuy, Firguindi, Toroba, Koumana started from 2003. The fonsdev constitute an alternative to the difficulties of access to the financing of the rural world.

We wish good wind at the Fonsdev de Bouro

Inades-Formation Burkina Faso