Project to support the establishment of a Farmer Agricultural Cooperative in Yaloya,

Yaloya is located on the Territory of Ikela in the Province of Tshuapa in Rd Congo

The objectives of the project are:

Support the establishment of a viable agricultural cooperative in Yaloya,
Strengthen the capacities of the managers of the cooperative,
To accompany the cooperative in carrying out its functions.
The beneficiaries are the family agricultural producers, members of the community of Yaloya and surroundings (Ikela Sud). The project intends first to reach through the cooperative directly at least 200 agricultural producers of which at least 30% women .

The main activities carried out are, inter alia, training sessions, advisory support, follow – up support (internal control, implementation and maintenance of management tools), support for the marketing of products, , Support for statutory meetings, communication and reporting, improvement of the cooperative’s performance.

The project will last 2 years.

Financial partner

Misereor via the Catholic parish of Yaloya