Inades Training Rwanda is carrying out a pilot initiative to strengthen the capacity of water user associations. The success of this initiative will inspire other projects to promote irrigation in the country, one of the conditions for optimizing production with agricultural intensification.

Since April 2012, Inades Formation Rwanda has been strengthening the capacity of water users’ associations in Kirehe and Ngoma Districts, Eastern Province, for a project to support water management in For irrigation purposes. It is a pilot initiative to support farmers who benefit from irrigation water and infrastructure, to bring together water users’ associations, so that they can take ownership of the sustainable management of all water systems. Irrigation in the District of Kirehe and Ngoma.

This project is a national priority. Indeed, the development of irrigation in Rwanda is one of the priorities selected for agricultural intensification as a factor of sustainable development. The Agricultural Transformation Strategic Plan and the Government’s 2020 Vision foresee an expansion of irrigated areas. 17 water user associations were supported in Kirehe District, and 2 in Ngoma District. The latter operate around 2,500 hectares under development or under development and have 10,000 members. A total population of more than 50,000 people is affected by the project.