The governing bodies of the international association Inades-Formation are the General Assembly and the International Board of Directors. The 10 national associations are represented on the International Board of Directors.

The executive body is the General Secretariat.

The International General Assembly

It is composed of all associate members, natural persons and legal persons. It meets in ordinary assembly every 3 years.

The International Board of Directors

Mr PARE Jean- Célestin Inades-Formation Burkina Faso’s representative
Mr BASHIRAHISHIZE Egide Inades-Formation Burundi’s representative
Mr NKODO Maurice Inades-Formation Cameroon’s representative
Mr BIATCHON Séraphin Inades-Formation Côte d’Ivoire’s representative
Mrs MUMO Janet Syombua  Inades-Formation Kenya’s representative
Mrs MUJITO Sophie  Inades-Formation RD Congo’s representative
Mrs NYINAWAGA Claudine  Inades-Formation Rwanda’s representative
Mr KIBWANA Oziniel  Inades-Formation Tanzanie’s representative
Mrs NELOUMNGAYE Elisabeth  Inades-Formation Tchad’s representative
Mr WALLACE Edoh Servais  Inades-Formation Togo’s representative
Pere LOUA Hyacinthe, sj The Jesuit company’s representative

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