Project to support the reinforcement of the resilience of populations through the promotion of agro-ecological practices in the Prefecture of Tchamba and in the Savanes region

The project to support the development of agro-sylvo-pastoral systems in the Prefecture of Tchamba executed by Inades-Formation Togo starts from the observation that agroecological practices are poorly developed in this zone which constitutes a pocket of cereal production in Togo leading Thus degrading cultivated land.

Given the increase in the population resulting in an increase in the need for cropland, farmers are clearing new ecosystems, sometimes forests, or even exploiting the same land over a number of years without rest in a production system dominated by cereals. This situation leads to the phenomenon of soil degradation of natural resources, particularly forests.

The project covers two (2) areas: the Tchamba prefecture and the Savanes region and will directly support 400 producers, 25% of whom are women

The implementation strategy for the project is based on a close partnership between Inades-Formation Togo and the Central Union of Central America (UROPC-C) in general and the 5 grain unions in particular.

Financial partner:

Action Solidarité Tiers Monde (ASTM).