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      Hi dear forum members, in this post I share with you the summary of ERCC project

      ERCC Project summary

      ERCC = Experiences Resilience to Climate Change
      The project consists in identifying through African countries, actors-bearers of good practices in terms of (i) resilience face to climate change and (ii) Inclusive Local Governance and Territorial Development, with a specific focus on experiences of rural Women. Then, on basis of identified experiences, the project aims at accompanying actors-bearers on the methodology of capitalisation to better describe what occurred in terms of achievements, results, impacts and apprenticeships for the needs of networking. At least 50 experiences multi-thematics will be published.
      It will also deal with creating a dynamic of exchanges between actors via an electronic platform to settle/ put in place. This will enable transformation of these experiences in terms of sharable knowledge, valuation of exemplary actions, emulation and networking within African countries. The findings/results (written and audiovisual tapes) will be broadcast through public events (meetings, workshops), including a meeting in Basque Country, exhibitions-distributions in fairs organized by Partners, scanning, web sitting and promotion through radio and television broadcasting.

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