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Study and capitalisation of good practices facing climate change challenges and inclusive local governance in Sub-Saharan Africa

Project presentation note Inades-Formation implements a project that consists in identifying in African countries, actors (NGOs / Development associations, research institutes, farmers’ organisations, schools / academic institutions, individuals) and to capitalise their experiences, in two following fields: Practices related to the adaptation of rural populations to climate change and / or mitigation / softening of […]


Support to Citizen participation: Grassroots Monitoring Committees for the Defense of the People’s Interests

Inades Formation Burkina, in its support to the decentralization process, helps Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to become aware of their role in the decentralization process through awareness-raising, training and advisory support actions. Thanks to this support, the beneficiary organizations ended up perceiving their importance and their role in local governance. They are organized in a […]


The National Committee for the Promotion of Family Farming in Burkina Faso Committed to the Improvement of Family Farming Conditions in Burkina Faso

The National Committee for the Promotion of Family Agriculture in Burkina Faso (CNAF Burkina Faso) established in 2015 is an organization born from the National Committee for the Celebration of the International Year of the Family Farming (IYFF 2014) in Burkina Faso. It is comprised of 50 members or sympathizer organizations including farmers’ organizations, development […]