Support Program for the Supply Centers of the City of Kinshasa in Food and Market Products (PAPAKIN)

The Support Program for the Supply Centers of the City of Kinshasa in Food and Market Products “PAPAKIN” is a program put in place by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo in partnership with IFAD since November 2012.

The aim of the program, which is planned for a period of 10 years, is to improve the levels of production and participation of farmers in the marketing channels of market gardening centers through the strengthening of the institutional capacities of the unions of market gardening cooperatives.

The main activities revolve around the structuring, in particular the changing support of Farmers’ Organizations in agricultural cooperatives, the drafting of basic texts (statutes, RI), the holding of statutory meetings, the use of management tools , The marketing of agricultural products, the production of financial statements.

Inades-Formation Congo, implementing partner of the program intervenes in the market gardening sector for:

  • The methodological framework of PAPAKIN’s teams and partners in the field of institutional support to unions.
  • The organization of an annual Participatory Institutional Diagnosis (PID) and an organizational and financial audit of the partner unions every 2 years.
  • Training of elected officials, managers and internal staff of the unions in the institutional fields;
  • Advisory support and monitoring of the quality of management by the advisers of Inades-Formation to the vegetable unions.

Inades Formation Congo works with several Unions of market gardening cooperatives, including 3 in the city province of Kinshasa in particular:

  • The Union of Market-Based Cooperatives of Kinshasa (UCOOPMAKIN);
  • The Kimwenza Union of Market Agricultural Cooperatives (UCMK);
  • The Kinshasa West Cooperative Farmers Union (UCMKO)

At the level of the province of Kongo Central, it accompanies four Unions of Cooperatives Maraichères:

  • The Inkisi Union of Market-Agricultural Cooperatives (UCOOPMI);
  • The Union of Market-gardening Cooperatives NSIMBANI (UCM NSIMBANI);
  • The Union of Market Agricultural Cooperatives of the Cataracts (UCOMACAT);
  • The Regroupement of vegetable cooperatives for community development (RECOMADEC).

Financial partner :

Government of the DR Congo