Inades-Formation Burkina began a series of workshops on 18 November as part of the implementation of its project to strengthen citizen participation in the Central Plateau region, financed by the Territorial Support Program ( PACT) / World Bank. These are 10 inter-municipal workshops on participatory monitoring of public policies and actions.

These workshops aim to give local elected officials and affected basic social services (water, health, education) the elements to understand what a public policy is, how it is developed and how they can influence the development of these policies At local, regional and even national level for the welfare of the population. A total of 360 participants are expected.

Inades-Formation Burkina has also started a series of advisory support to the mayors of the 20 municipalities concerned for setting up recourse mechanisms for the solicitations of citizens.

These counseling follow-up follows a diagnosis of the complaints management mechanisms carried out in each commune. The results of this study have been restituted and, together, the participants (local elected representatives, basic social services, technical agents) have reflected and agreed, in the light of the conflicts in place, in the various municipalities to set up committees or committees. Management of complaints at the village level and at the commune commune level.
These various reflections will be submitted to the municipal council for consideration. This involves putting in place formal mechanisms to receive and manage citizen complaints. 360 people are involved in this activity.