Formerly dependent relay National Inades-Formation Togo is in December 1974 that was created the institution Bureau Inades Training Upper Volta.
The agreement between accreditation INADES Upper Volta and the Government of Upper Volta was signed December 26, 1974; Since its inception in 1974 until December 1994, the Bureau of establishment, based in Ouagadougou, depended seat Inades Training in Abidjan to legal, educational and financial.
From 1974 to 1990, the team of trainers consisted mostly of agricultural engineers, educators and social workers. We noted the presence of other African (Guinea, Togo) to meet the African character of French Volunteers of progress and of a Canadian who was in charge of audiovisual Cell.
After 1990, the profiles have been diverse and staffing have evolved. In January 1995 the business office became a national association based in Ouagadougou. The main organs of the National Association are:
The General Assembly
Board of directors
The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Association and is held once a year.
The Board is the controlling body. The National Association adopts an implementing body and daily management activities, the National Office with a National Director.
Since the IF / B office several directors have succeeded:
1975-1976: Alain Tissier, Senior Director, White Father
1976-1978: René BAR, second Director, White Father
1978-1979: François GASCON third Director, previously trainer from 1975 to 1978
01/07/1980 to 31/01/1984: NAPON Drissa, fourth and first African Director Director
31/01/1984 to 03/02/1988: Louis Pierre Sanou, Director fifth
04/02/1988 to 30/09/1996: PARE Emile sixth Director
October 1996-January 2007: MILLOGO Dč Honoré, seventh Director
February 2007 to present: Mrs. Ouattara / WININGA Bernadette, eighth Director and first woman to hold this position.