The Solidarity Fund for Development (FONSDEV) is a model of mobilization of financial resources by farmers and peasants developed by Inades Training.

Small farmers who form the great majority of the population in developing countries (70% on average) do not have access to traditional banks that require a lot of paperwork and numerous guarantees the necessary financial resources to support and diversify development projects. Very few modern structures give them the necessary funds to buy the means of production. Therefore, he had to help put in place, durable instruments of self-financing of rural development as the FONSDEV

The Development Solidarity Fund (FONSDEV) is a social institution, established by natural and legal persons of a community, mobilizing endogenous financial resources in the form of members’ savings and redistribute the form of micro credits for development activities and other social needs of this community.

The FONDEV is the passage of a rich bank to a bank for the poor; luxurious buildings of major cities in village squares; from a purely economic reasoning to a social reasoning.

As the name suggests, the FONSDEV instrument of financial solidarity, emphasizes solidarity between farmers with the aim of reaching the poorest and the autonomy and responsibility of its members.

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