Every year after the onset of rains Mutindi Kyalo, a farmer in  Ngaamba location in Makueni county  would concentrate all her efforts in the farm to ensure that she realizes yields but season after the other her efforts were futile owing to the erratic rainfalls that the area receives and intense land degradation evidenced by gulleys that can be seen from a distance.

“I would work hard tilling my farm every season so that I can reap some food to at least feed my family but the yield I was getting in return could hardly last my family a month” Says Mutindi.

In 2015, Inades-Formation Kenya initiated farmer trainings on soil and water conservation techniques/practices that can be easily replicated by farmers in their individual farms and the significance of timeliness in in farm operations. Making use of this knowledge  Mutindi  started by planting trees in her farm and establishing terraces. She has also been embracing  conservation practices such as mulching and planting of cover crops.

Mutindi attending to Dolichos lab lab that she plants to provide soil cover

Through these practices she is able to harvest food that can feed her family all the year round and she is also able to generate income from the sale of the surplus.

Mutindi : “Today life has changed; since June, 2016 I have had enough food to feed my family and chicken. I also generate income from the sale of surplus that I utilize to  meet other household needs and save in group “merry go round” contributions.  I am a happy farmer and other community members have come to learn on the importance of soil and water conservation  practices and they are also doing it in their farm.  I thank Inades-Formation for empowering us with knowledge and skills that we can use to improve our living standards”