A reliable institution with an African development vision

Inades-Formation is an experienced support for farmers’ initiatives, dating back nearly fifty years, from 1962 to date. Its seriousness and credibility are guaranteed through:

  • A constantly renewed confidence from highly renowed Northern donors (Misereor in Germany, Swiss Agency for development and cooperation, Broerderlijk delen in Belgium, Development and Peace in Canada, Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development in France, Alboan, Entreculturasand Proclade in Spain, etc.) ;
  • An associative life characterized by a financial and pedagogical solidarity between the national associations and between them and the international association;
  • Rigor and transparency in financial management with a certification of accounts and the production / dissemination of financial statements and activity reports;
  • Strict monitoring of activities with pedagogical and management audits of the national offices and the General Secretariat;
  • A culture of permanent questioning through periodical evaluations of National Offices Managers, General Secretaries, then associations and the entire Inades-Formation network;
  • A recognized competence of employees and associates forming the network;
  • A holistic and empowering approach to support farmers’ initiatives, focusing on knowledge and local expertise.