On Thursday, March 1, 2018, the members of the civil society platform dedicated to land in Côte d’Ivoire (ALERTE-Foncier) held an ordinary general assembly in the Inades-Formation conference room.  The opening address was delivered by Mr. Ngang Francis, Secretary General of Inades-Formation, Coordinator of the Strategic Coordination Group.

The general assembly was marked by two major moments, namely the presentation of the 2017 activity report and the presentation of the 2018 action plan and the exchanges that followed.

The report on the 2017 activities, presented by Gisèle Dutheuil from Audace Institut, a member of the Strategic Coordination Group, focused on the major progress made by the platform in its second year of operation. These included:

The creation of a digital library;

The creation of a mailing list for the distribution of real estate news;

The visibility of the platform through various communication media and interventions in the media;

The training of members on major themes (98 Law, voluntary guidelines, etc.) and the enthusiasm of members for these training activities;

Experience sharing (Cerap, Inades-Formation, Ark and Asapsu; Audace Institut, etc.);

The informal partnership with the National Chamber of Kings and Traditional Chiefs of Côte d’Ivoire (Meeting between Audace Institut and the CNRT in Yamoussoukro).

In the ensuing discussions, members welcomed the actions taken.

The 2018 action plan presented is structured around 4 components:

The first component entitled “Experience sharing, information and training of members and the general public” aims to strengthen the level of knowledge of ALERTE-Foncier members and the general public on land issues in the country in general and on the legal, institutional and operational framework for securing rural and urban land as well as the reference policy framework (all national and international reference instruments) in particular.

The second component is entitled “Lobbying and advocacy (monitoring reforms, taking a position and formulating counter-proposals)” and aims to contribute to improving the legal, institutional and functional framework of land governance in the country.

The third component has to do with the “Monitoring of PTF actions” and aims to ensure that the choices made in the supported programs and projects effectively take into account ALERTE-Foncier’s concerns regarding the improvement of the legal, institutional and operational framework for land tenure security and, more generally, the need to promote inclusive land governance.

Finally, the fourth part relates to “Strengthening the dynamism, representativeness and legitimacy of the platform”.  Its objective is to improve the operation of ALERTE-Foncier.

Other points were discussed during the general assembly, notably the orientations on the development and adoption of the position paper and the presentation of the ALERTE-Foncier website. During the exchanges, the participants made various recommendations for better results in 2018.