Inades-Formation Kenya is working in partnership with SNV Netherlands in promotion of Smart Water Solutions. Among the clusters they are working in is Katangi Location.

In Katangi location the climatic conditions are erratic with low rainfalls which fall in the months of March to April and October December. These rains do not support main crops grown in the areas to maturing.

To provide water for supplementing the crop moisture requirement and in promotion of Water smart solution Inades-Formation Kenya has worked with two groups of Mekilingi and Wendo wa Mbuini to establish water ponds with capacity to hold about 400M³.
The two groups have total of 43 members who came together to excavate the soil and establish the ponds. Before establish the ponds the group members were travelling long distances in search for water for domestic and their livestock. The group members were manually involved in digging the trench, piling of the soil outside, establishing the slope and lining using pond liner provided by SNV through Inades Formation Kenya.

Upon the establishment the water ponds, the groups have been able to harvest sufficient water for their domestic and livestock.
Moreover the groups have established vegetable to supplement their household vegetable requirements and installed solar powered generator for channeling water to the crops to reduce operation costs and Green house gas emissions.

This is anticipated to translate in to health livestock and improved living standards of the people.

Mekilingi group members in their demo site- Kenya

Wendo wa Mbuini grp members excavating farm pond – Kenya