The project aims to contribute to the adoption of a decree implementing the legal status of the farm and the farmer as defined by the LOASPHF.

In particular, the aim is to defend the interests of family farmers when drawing up and implementing the document of the 2nd phase of the national rural sector program and to capitalize the participation of farmers’ organizations and organizations in society The development of agricultural policies.

It will last 18 months from March 2017 to September 2018.

Financial Partners

Support Fund for National Committees for Family Farming

The aim is to contribute to the strengthening of community monitoring of the performance of local and regional authorities and to motivate people to become more actively involved in local decision-making through various actions, including training, advice and logistical support Actors involved in the implementation of the project.

The project should enable the various actors to engage in the monitoring of public policies and actions and to strengthen the dialogue between the municipal authorities and the populations.

The project includes 20 special delegations / municipal councils; The actors of civil society; Village Development Committee (CVD); Representatives of religious and customary authorities; The producer organizations of the 20 municipalities in the central plateau region.

Financial Partners

World Bank

The project “Promotion of vegetable crops for better food and nutritional security in the Cascades region” aims to strengthen food and nutrition security for households in the Cascades region by accompanying groups of women not only to produce market gardening products Using agro-ecological production techniques, but also to sensitize and promote a diversified and balanced diet in the community.

The project, which covers a market gardening campaign, involves five (5) associations of mother educators (AMEs) in 3 rural communes (Sindou, Douna, Kankalaba) in the province of Leraba, bringing together a total of 05 villages and 05 schools, To produce and sustainably.


Financial Partners

Acting For Life (AFL)