Project to support the establishment of a Farmer Agricultural Cooperative in Yaloya,

Yaloya is located on the Territory of Ikela in the Province of Tshuapa in Rd Congo

The objectives of the project are:

Support the establishment of a viable agricultural cooperative in Yaloya,
Strengthen the capacities of the managers of the cooperative,
To accompany the cooperative in carrying out its functions.
The beneficiaries are the family agricultural producers, members of the community of Yaloya and surroundings (Ikela Sud). The project intends first to reach through the cooperative directly at least 200 agricultural producers of which at least 30% women .

The main activities carried out are, inter alia, training sessions, advisory support, follow – up support (internal control, implementation and maintenance of management tools), support for the marketing of products, , Support for statutory meetings, communication and reporting, improvement of the cooperative’s performance.

The project will last 2 years.

Financial partner

Misereor via the Catholic parish of Yaloya

Integrated Program for the Recovery of Agriculture in Maniema (PIRAM)

The Congolese Government is relaunching agriculture in the country. Thus, it launched the Integrated Program for the Recovery of Agriculture in Maniema (PIRAM), financed by IFAD. The overall objective of the PIRAM program is to contribute to reducing poverty and food insecurity and improving the living conditions of the basic communities living in the province of Maniema.

INADES Formation Congo has been mandated to work in Component 2: support for the revitalization of agriculture, livestock and fisheries in order to strengthen grassroots farmers’ organizations through the empowerment of PRAB facilitators, community relays, MONAGRI and rural leaders to improve their structuring, functioning, managerial capacity, strategic planning and services to their members.

As a reminder, the program is structured around 3 components namely:

  • Rehabilitation of rural infrastructure and agricultural access roads;
    Support for the revitalization of agriculture, livestock and fisheries;
    Coordination and management of the program.
    This program covers geographically four production areas, namely:
  • Pangi
  • Kasongo
  • Kabambare
  • Kibombo and Hinterland of Kindu

Financial partner


Agricultural Collective Entrepreneurship (ECAGRI) in the Kasai

The Kasai Antenna intervenes in the Provinces of Kasaï Central and Kasaï, which are mainly agricultural provinces, with several food crops including maize, cassava, peanuts, rice, cowpeas and with the breeding of poultry, pigs, goats, Sheep, cows.

The Antenna accompanies the peasant unions in order to get the peasants to invest in the growing crops in order to increase their agricultural production and their income in order to improve their living conditions.

Through the project of accompanying the Collective Agricultural Entrepreneurship, the producers are accompanied in the cultivation of maize, rice and taro. Accompanying activities also extend to the development of community microfinance through the Fonsdev and to the protection of the environment.

The beneficiaries are peasants and peasants gathered in 3 peasant unions and 3 agricultural cooperatives in the Dibaya Territories in Central Kasai Province and Mweka in Kasai Province and in the hinterland of the city of Kananga.

Financial Partners

Manos Unidas