Establishment of the National Committee of Family Farming in Tchad

The project to implement the National Committee of Family Agriculture (CNAF) in Tchad aims to contribute to the improvement of public policies in favor of Family Farming in Tchad.

Specifically, the project intends to set up a functional national committee to promote family farming in Tchad.

The National Committee set up will have to carry out actions of consultation, consolidation of organs, planning, studies, communication, dialogue and advocacy.

This CNAF Tchad will be a structure bringing together farmers’ organizations and civil society committed to family farming. It will have a coordination including a President, a Secretary General and a Treasurer. The charter that will be approved by the members during the General Assembly will determine the internal operating mechanisms.

To date, the CNAF Tchad in gestation includes a provisional technical office which coordinates all the preparatory activities.

The CNAF Tchad in training aims to strengthen the role of agricultural, peasant and artisanal fisheries organizations and to raise awareness among civil society of the importance of supporting Family Farming.


The main working priorities are organized, supported and participated in seminars, conferences, forums, studies and advocacy, etc. They also concern the promotion and dissemination of information on family farming.

Also, a dialogue with the government will be undertaken to take into account the aspirations of small producers in national planning documents related to agricultural production (access to productive resources, safeguarding small-scale farming systems, promotion of Agroecology, etc.). To ensure success in advocacy work with governmental agencies dealing with agricultural issues, a lead role will be given to the national producer organizations (CNCPRT), which will coordinate all CNAF activities.


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