The project which follows a first phase, carried out from 2014 to 2016, aims to contribute to the development of an organized and influential rural world, based on dynamic, enterprising and solidary family units that is sovereign in terms of Food and pursues its own development ambitions with respect for the environment and the principles of good governance and equity.

This second phase is planned for a period of five years, from 2017 to 2021, and will take place in the provinces of the Northern region namely Yatenga, Passoré, Loroum and Zondoma.

Structured around 4 areas of intervention, the project will:

  • To support producers in the sesame, cowpea, groundnut and soybean sectors to improve the production, marketing and processing of agricultural products and to better structure and manage their organizations.
  • Help households of accompanying producers to develop their entrepreneurial capacities and to better manage and coordinate family resources in order to be able to best meet the basic social needs of their families.
  • To develop with them actions to protect and preserve the environment and biodiversity according to agro-ecological principles.
  • To support local actors (civil society and local elected representatives), by strengthening their action capacities, to improve the participatory management of local authorities and to advocate alongside other actors for policies and Public strategies for food sovereignty, the effectiveness of the rights of rural populations and sustainable local, national and sub-regional development.


The beneficiaries of the project are members of the Regional Union of Producers of Sesame and the Regional Union of Producers of Cowpea in the North; Members of the Regional Union of Northern Peanut Producers and their Families; Municipal authorities and village and inter-village authorities of socio-professional organizations (Village Development Councils CVD, Regional Chambers of Agriculture CRA, GGF forest management groups and local environmental protection associations, etc.), customary authorities and Religious, local administrative and political authorities (administration, technical services).

Financial Partners

Broederlijk Delen