To develop the self-employment of 700 young people in the regions of Agneby-Tiassa and the major bridges through the creation of income-generating activities in the agro-pastoral sectors (BCP-Emploi-AFD)

The project is part of the overall framework of the Government Program “Youth Employment and Skills Development”, which aims to improve employability and entrepreneurship. The program comprises three (3) components:

  • Component 1 – Strengthening the employability of young people;
  • Component 2 – Development of entrepreneurship;
  • Component 3 – Institutional support.

Inades-Formation Côte d’Ivoire intervenes at Component 2 level and has the task of accompanying 700 young people, including 366 men and 334 women in the regions of the Great Bridges and the Agnéby-Tiassa.

The tasks of Inades-Formation Côte d’Ivoire are to help the beneficiaries in the development of business plans in order to select the best 700, taking into account economic opportunities and value chains with high potential in sectors Agro-pastoral sectors and to strengthen the capacities of the beneficiaries in techniques specific to the sectors concerned by the selected business plans, commercial management and financial management.

The beneficiaries of this project are mainly young people from urban and rural areas that are vulnerable, at risk (graduates, unemployed or underemployed, out of school, or out of school, looking for work), who have a project idea and Aged between 18 and 35 years.

The project started in 2016.

Financial partner :

  • State of Ivory Coast
  • French Development Agency