Most parts of Makueni, Machakos and Kitui lie in ASAL zones characterized by erratic rainfall, high temperatures and high evapotranspiration rates. These parameters coupled with unsustainable natural utilization practices has become a real threat to livelihoods and food security system in these areas.

Poverty adds additional pressure on natural resources, since these represent the main means of subsistence for the majority of poor households. They do not have secure and permanent access to fertile land and depend basically on the utilization of natural resources and on the selling of their labour power. The poor communities are therefore largely victims and causes of natural resource depletion and environmental degradation.

The main focus of the project “Natural resource Management” is to build the capacities of rural communities living in ASAL areas of Machakos, Kitui and Makueni counties in sustainable and efficient utilization and management of natural resource which they rely on for source of Livelihood.

Target direct beneficiaries

The project targets 1500 HHS (Men- 525, Women- 675, Youth- 300).