Support to Local Governance and Enhancement of Endogenous Initiatives in Togo

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Project Partners for Inclusive Development

With the law on decentralization and local freedoms, Inades-Formation Togo has opted for the support of the cantons and municipalities in order to prepare the various actors to better play their role through the organization, structuring and accountability of the communities. It is therefore a question of supporting these communities in the local planning and the implementation of the chosen actions. The coaching process will help communities meet a number of challenges, including local governance, easy access to basic social services, improved incomes and a healthy environment.

The project is implemented to encourage the involvement of all categories of actors, and especially disabled people, in the management of local affairs. Indeed, it is noted that persons with disabilities (PHs) are generally not taken into account in cultural or economic promotion groups, development bodies (CVD, CCD, CDQ), in the design and implementation of socio-community infrastructures . This situation limits their access to the services provided to the populations and also their participation in the animation of community life or at public meetings.

Moreover, mothers of disabled children also suffer from the looks of their family members and the community in which they live (low regard, support of the child …).

The direct beneficiaries of the project are therefore persons with disabilities and / or their families, associations, CVD and CCD members, CDQs, GECs, community and religious leaders, socio-cultural and economic groups, Attitogon, Momé, Atchangbadè and Adéta headquarters.

The project covers the cantons of Attitogon, Momé, Atchangbadè and the municipality of Adéta. The aim is to work towards integrating the PHs into grassroots development committees and socio-cultural associations, and to promote their participation in activities in communities.

It started in 2016 and will end in 2019.

Financial partner :

Christian Bland Mission (CBM)

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