NEWS: 33rd session of the General Assembly of Inades-Formation Cameroun


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On April 29, 2023, the Inades-Formation Cameroun National Association held its traditional Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) at the Cameroon National Episcopal Conference (CENC). The meeting was preceded by a workshop to prepare for the AGM. The discussions focused on two themes proposed by the General Secretariat, namely: What is Inades-Formation’s outlook for 2040? And what repositioning of agricultural and rural training at Inades-Formation?

The results of this work led to the formulation of a number of proposals by the Cameroon National Bureau concerning Inades’ outlook to 2040 and its repositioning in relation to agricultural training. Here are a few images of the group work.

Group I

Group II

The Annual General Meeting was opened by Mrs. WANDOU Marthe, Chairman of the Board of Directors. Almost all the expected associate members took part. Seven main items were on the agenda, including the constitution of the meeting; election of the officers of the meeting; admission of new members/exclusion of certain members; hearing of the reports for the 2022 financial year (moral report, activity report, financial report and auditor’s report); follow-up of the implementation of the resolutions of the 2022 AGM; report on the preparatory workshops for the Ordinary General Meeting; and miscellaneous.

Hearing the reports was one of the highlights of the AGM. The moral report gave an overview of the context in which the National Board (NB) has worked, associative life, human resources management, management of support programs, financial management and the search for funding. The activity report covered the various projects and services carried out during 2022. During the presentation of this report, it emerged that the National Office carried out two (02) projects to support development alternatives during the 2022 financial year. This is the :

  • Projet d’Accompagnement du Repositionnement des Vivres de Souveraineté dans une Dynamique de Développement Territorial pour une Alimentation Suffisante, Saine et Durable des Populations du Cameroun. Following the implementation of this project, several activities and actions were carried out, in particular the steps being taken with the Government through MINADER to initiate a process for drawing up a national UNDAF action plan, and the mobilization and sensitization of local civil society players on the need to reduce the import and use of synthetic chemical inputs in favor of agroecology.
  • With regard to the socio-economic reintegration project for people affected by the conflicts in the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon, in the departments of Mézam, Ngoketunjia (North-West region), Menoua and Mifi (West region), a number of results have been achieved: several people affected by the conflicts have been helped to reintegrate into the socio-economic circuit. In addition, community dialogue has been developed between affected people and host communities.

These two projects, which follow in the wake of the network’s structuring programs, are based on the Inades-Formation network’s 2010-2025 Strategic Orientation Document (DOS).

In addition to the above projects, the BN carried out other activities, including the launch of the “Conscience AlimenTERRE” campaign on November 23, 2023. Inades-Formation Cameroun has also worked with other development partners to provide services. These services include

  • Establishment of a knowledge hub for organic farming in Central Africa, commissioned by GIZ-KCOA;
  • Facilitation of the project to support the “Revitalization of the traditional and ecological governance system of indigenous forest peoples by strengthening intergenerational dialogues”, implemented by members of the Gbabandi indigenous platform and sponsored by CWF:;
  • Implementation of the project “Promotion of innovations in small holder local poultry production units in the North West Region of Cameroon” on behalf of the partner GIZ/proCISA;
  • Support for the consultation process with Baka communities living along the Lobeke, Nki and Boumba Bek national parks and the Ngoyla Wildlife Reserve, with a view to renewing the co-management agreement between the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife and the ASBABUK association, sponsored by WWF.

Other business at the AGM focused on the budgetary follow-up presented by the statutory auditor and the formulation of resolutions on the following points:

  • Approval of the annual report ;
  • Approval of the activity report and the report on implementation of the 2022 AGM resolutions;
  • Approval of the financial report ;
  • Approval of the Statutory Auditors’ reports;
  • Mobilizing endogenous financial resources ;
  • Implementation of humanitarian projects ;
  • Results of preparatory work for the AGM.

The 33rd session was chaired by Mr DJAOWE Joseph, surrounded by five other delegates elected for the occasion.

Photo library of the Annual General Meeting 2023.

Marguerite MOMHA, Communication Inades-Formation Cameroon

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