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Self-assessment: The General Secretariat of Inades-Formation takes stock of the past year to better plan for the year 2022

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Abidjan, 24 Feb 2022  – The staff of the General Secretariat of Inades-Formation met from February 7 to 11, 2022, in Jacqueville, in the south of Côte d’Ivoire, on the occasion of its traditional self-evaluation meeting annual.

It should be recalled that the General Secretariat is the coordination and inspiration entity of the Inades-Formation network, a pan-African NGO established in ten (10) countries in Africa.

Self-Assessment Plenary Session (Ph:Com)

The self-assessment sessions constitute, for Inades-Formation, a space allowing to take stock of the achievements and the results obtained during the past year. It is also the framework available to staff to assess the technical and institutional performance of the General Secretariat with regard to the results recorded. They provide an opportunity to review the annual work plan (AWP) for the following year and adjust it according to the context.

This year’s work was opened by Mr. Sena Kwaku ADESSOU, Secretary General of Inades-Formation who particularly invited all the staff to deep reflection and critical analysis of the work that was done. Also, it was a question of sharing the results of the workshops/conferences and the reports on the integration of new members of staff and of programming the activities for the 1sttrimester of 2022.

L’autoévaluation a mis un point d’honneur sur la collaboration entre les différents The self-assessment made a point of collaboration between the different departments of the General Secretariat and also between the individuals working for the institution in the service of the common good.

At the end of the five (5) days of work, recommendations were made to improve the processes, services and operating strategies of the entire Network. These include, among other things, the strengthening of the application of basic language training at the General Secretariat and its implementation in the National Offices.

Family photo at the end of the self-assessment session


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