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Monitoring of achievements through the TAPSA program in Burundi by the AFD envoy

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On a mission to monitor the projects of its partners in Burundi, Mathilde Beaudet, Project Manager for Partnerships with CSOs at the AFD “Agence Française de Développement” visited some of the achievements of Inades-Formation Burundi within the framework of the TAPSA program “Transition to a Peasant Agroecology for Food Sovereignty” in Giheta commune, Gitega Province on 30/11/2022. Arriving at Gihehe Hill, the beneficiaries warmly welcomed the participants with their own songs detailing the achievements of Inades-Formation Burundi through the TAPSA program.

Around an agroforestry tree nursery, the beneficiaries explained the reinforcements received and their know-how to set up a nursery with agroecological characteristics and its benefits in sustainable agricultural production and resilient to climate change. They provided answers and clarifications to all of Mathilde’s questions while emphasizing the positive changes that have occurred as a result of this program. The women testified to their involvement and their undeniable share in the family’s needs. They are so proud of the knowledge they have gained through the TAPSA program, of their consideration in the home, and of the strengthened social cohesion between spouses and in the community. Their needs are enormous, but they hope to go progressively further.

In addition to the production of multi-use plants in the nursery, Mathilde assisted in the production/manufacturing of biopesticides used in the management of plant diseases and pests. Other initiatives promoted by Inades-Formation Burundi in the framework of TAPSA could not be visited due to time constraints.

The exchanges were fruitful between all the participants composed by the beneficiaries, Mathilde and all the partner organizations of the programmeras in Burundi, namely ACORD-Burundi, CAPAD and Inades-Formation Burundi which ensures the regional coordination (Rwanda, DRC and Burundi). The visit also reinforced the sharing of experiences between TAPSA partners in the spirit of complementarity.

Finally, we recall that the said TAPSA program is co-financed by CCFD-Terre Solidaire (Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development) and AFD which was represented by Mathilde Beaudet, Project Manager for Partnerships with CSOs at AFD.

Published by HAVYARIMANA Richard, Advocacy and Communication Officer

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