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17th General Assembly of Inades-Formation: Mr. Rukundo Alexis reappointed to head the Board of Directors

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The Inades-Formation network has just concluded its meetings which were held from November 27 to December 1, 2022 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Two major events took place during the conference, namely an international workshop and the 17th General Assembly, which elected Mr. Rukundo Alexis as the head of the institution.

On November 27, 2022, at the Belle Côte Hotel in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, the Inades-Formation international workshop began.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Ministry of State, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, a representative of the National Assembly, the representative of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council, the director of CERAP, the representative of the Chamber of Agriculture, the representative of Misereor, CERFAM and other partners.

This ceremony was an opportunity to mark 60 years of Inades-Formation since the creation of INADES in 1962.

During two days, the 44 delegates, representing the ten national associations and international associates, the board of directors, the directors of the national offices, the staff of the general secretariat and the resource persons reflected on the future of the institution from two themes:

  • What is the outlook for 2040 at Inades-Formation?
  • What repositioning of agricultural and rural training at Inades-Formation?

These themes had already been discussed at the level of each national association in order to allow the associates to decide on the desired direction for Inades-Formation. The work of the national associations was thus synthesized and analyzed at the international workshop of reflection in order to draw guidelines for Inades-Formation for the years to come.

The conclusions of the workshop confirm the need for foresight for Inades-Formation and the need to revive agricultural training by adapting it to the needs of current targets and using the new learning technologies available.

These conclusions fed into the work of the General Assembly that followed on November 29 and December1.

The General Assembly ruled on the moral and financial reports of the Board of Directors and the report of the Auditor. The latter have been granted discharge by the General Assembly.

It also listened to the network’s activity report for the last three years, presented by the General Secretariat.

As the term of office of the Chairman and the Secretary of the Board expired, new elections were held.

Rukundo Alexis, the outgoing president, was reappointed to head the institution for another three-year term. The newly elected secretary of the board is Mrs. Mojito Sophie, associate member of Inades-Formation RD Congo.

“It is a feeling of joy and gratitude that drives me,” said Mr. Rukundo after his election, grateful for the trust that has been placed in him.

Moroh Marcelle, Communication General Secretariat

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